About Us

Gixons International Limited is a limited liability company operating from Nigeria and carrying on the business of producing, processing and distributing Agricultural products both locally and internationally.  The company, a registered Exporter with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, was incorporated in 2011. Our business include the exportation of fermented pap cereal (flour) and other agricultural products such as vegetables, shea-butter and charcoal. We started our Chicken farm business in 2013 where we are focused on egg distribution for local consumption and uses.


Our Vision

Re-Defining Stance without Loosing Enthusiasm


Our Mission              


Harnessing available resources (including human) for whole maximum benefit, development and sustainable growth


Our Values (R.I.P.E)








Our People


The company is very particular about the people who make contributions to its growth in terms of vision integration and self fulfillment in the realization of the bigger goal.  Hence, we recruit our people without building our criteria within the confines of educational background, age, sex, race, or religious affiliations. Rather we blend garnered knowledge, experience, expertise, exposure, creativity and originality as well as legality without falling prey of unproductive norms.

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